Who is considered a Buyer?
Any individual, organisation, or a team at the Summentor Pro Events, who make product purchasing decisions for any projects are considered as Buyers.
How much does it cost to attend an Event/Conference organised by Summentor Pro?

Buyer attendance is entirely complimentary, including itinerary of meetings, a dedicated account manager, panels, and cocktail dinners.

Buyers can avail this opportunity only after undergoing a stringent vetting procedure.

What do these Summentor Pro organized events include?
Summentor Pro Events are uniquely designed with a focus on face to face meetings between Buyers and Suppliers. Most of these face to face meetings are always pre-arranged, and deal driven. Networking opportunities with peers, knowledge sharing sessions with experts, and informal discussions form the all important auxiliary aspects of GBB Event agendas. Two day events also include a networking lunch & cocktail dinner.
How does Summentor Pro conduct the meetings?

All our business interfacing meetings are hosted on pre-designated tables, and the itinerary of the meetings are also arranged prior to conducting the meetings. Buyers and Suppliers are just expected to ensure their presence at the designated table at the appointed time.

How is Summentor Pro Event itineraries for participants created?

Every participant will have a dedicated account manager, to assist them along the course of the event or meetings.

We will share with you the pre-event selection process information, where you will need to confirm your details, your project details, and select your preference of Suppliers that you would wish to meet. You can even add any additional personal preferences with regard to any dietary or accessibility requirements you might have.

Once you review and submit this information, we will get back to you with our itinerary proposals.

How does Summentor Pro match Buyers with Suppliers?

Summentor Pro works with the data submitted by you online, while requesting participation with the information we have collected from our Suppliers-in-attendance.

Your individual meetings preferences are then matched against our data based on following order of criteria:

  • Perfect matches – where a buyer and supplier are both interested in meeting each other;
  • Buyer Requests – where a buyer has an interest in a particular supplier
  • Supplier Requests – where a supplier has expressed an interest in meeting a particular buyer.
What is the dress code?
The dress code during the day for all events is formal business attire. For gala dinners, attendees are expected to wear smart semi-formal attire. We do at times host our gala dinners as black tie events, so please ask the Summentor Pro team about the dress code for the event or meetings you wish to attend.
What are the Accommodation arrangements during Summentor Pro Events/Conferences/Summits?
Summentor Pro Team helps all attendees to find suitable accommodations by sharing preferential deals, prices of the hotels, as well as contact details of the Partner Hotels, and other major accommodation options within the venue city.
What makes Summentor Pro Events stand out from an average industry exhibition or conference?
Summentor Pro always arranges purely exclusive B2B Events, which are invite only. Only pre-screened Buyers and Suppliers are allowed to attend the events organised by Summentor Pro. Another benefit of being a participant at Summentor Pro Events is that we emphasise on face to face meetings, individually, between Buyers and Suppliers. This is done to ensure a deeper understanding from both sides, of the offerings. This level of knowledge exchange on GBB platforms enables our Buyers and Suppliers a higher rate of deal closures.
What sort of Post-Event assistance does Summentor Pro offer?
Summentor Pro does not stop its services at the end of an Event. Summentor Pro dedicated Account Managers support the Buyers and Suppliers with their requirements even after the event. Summentor Pro also assists a smooth transition into the next level of meeting appointments arranged between Buyers and Suppliers, after the Event. Summentor Pro also deeply values feedback, and based on the feedback received, customises their Supplier base further for the upcoming events, to ensure our Buyer requirements satisfactorily.


Who can be a supplier at Summentor Pro Events/Conferences?

Anybody who can meet our Buyers’ needs via a product or a service that they offer, can register themselves as a Supplier.

What is the cost to attend & what do I get?

A Supplier can choose from our array of Supplier packages tailored for each of our Events, Summits, Conferences, and Face to Face Meetings.

All our Packages include a customised itinerary of pre-arranged meetings, exhibition space, presentation slots, dedicated Account Manager, networking opportunities, branding options & informal lunch sessions.

GBB assures Suppliers an opportunity to make deals at throwaway expense! Rest is, of course, in the hands of Suppliers.

Who are the Buyers & when am I notified about attending buyers?
We have varied sets of Buyers for each of our Events. The informaiton on the Buyers attending Summentor Pro initiatives will be provided periodically to the Suppliers, once the Suppliers confirm their attendance, all the way till the event!
How does Summentor Pro create Supplier agenda?

Once a Supplier confirms attendance, Summentor Pro sends them the details of the Buyers and their projects, based on the choices that Supplier has submitted. Summentor Pro also arranges Face to Face meetings, and sets a detailed agenda for the event, prior to the Event.

What happens if no one selects my organisation?
In the unlikely scenario that Suppliers are not selected by any Buyers, Summentor Pro works with the Buyers, based on their needs and interests, to ensure that such Suppliers are given an opportunity to meet Buyers.