Customized Revenue Generator

Tap into a world of opportunities through our customized platforms exclusively made for companies to start and progress business with the leads that you have been tracking. Summentor Pro’s customized solution allows you to produce dedicated attention towards your brand, building a secure name amongst your industry peeps.

Now all you have to do is give us your top 100 leads wish list and we will put you together in a environment where real value is exchanged and partnerships are developed.

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Customized Training Workshops

Focus on skills that you possess :Stimulating growth by relevant information and training formulated to provide required assistance by core professionals of your industry.

This platform will provide you with complete education and specialized point of view of the challenges and other unforeseen circumstances that holds value to your organization.

Summentor Pro's customized training workshops give you a hands on exploration with global best practices, constructing brands with a true value add.

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Certification Programs

Mark a difference for yourself; Summentor Pro’s certification programs have a combination of skill-development and application of risk analysis in real time. This new school assists you to put an end to all your wok related challenges and get the right guidance from experts that you have been seeking otherwise.

Summentor Pro's Certification Program is sure to be a powerful tool for organizations, looking to achieve far more beyond than the rest. The training experts that we gather at the certification programs cover 90% of the techniques used within the industry, now there’s no other better way to get practical hands – on training methodologies, Face –to - Face trainings, networking opportunities and knowledge sharing among peers to stay motivated and be on top of the game.

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D2D Summits

Let your next business deal begin with meeting of minds, Summentor Pro’s reputation is built on creating high end D2D summits, which focuses on only bringing in decision makers of each company to have head to head discussions and crack open new fortunes for your business .

Summentor Pro’s D2D summits provides with real quality leads, presenting crucial information that your business requires to operate in line with the industry and global benchmarks. This platform creates an organized business frequency with superior level of marketing and branding activities offered to stay in touch with your industry and have a lucrative future ahead.

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Procuring Consultants

Skills, Contacts and Experience is now available to you, Summentor Pro’s excellent procurement consultancy allows your business to flourish with saving time and hard work , we are pleased to offer our comprehensive planning to assist you to procure the best services across the regions you wish to expand into.

Our procurement platform offers a broad spectrum to your brand giving you only the best to choose from , providing nothing but luxury to your end consumers.

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